Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Amanda Lee Kleschinsky

Got home from work at 7pm. Had an apple, changed and off I went.

Ran, if you can call it that, 6+ miles in about an hour(ouch).

I did not run in early am as have been battling a cold and got little sleep last few nights.

It was my worst run all year. Only about half the sidewalks were shoveled and running in the road was terrirified felt like the cars were aiming for me.

Even walked some. I slowed to a crawl near my sons house and he was out. Was great to see him. Really only bright spot on otherwise dreary run.

After I saw him I looked at my watch and saw it was December 18, Realized it was my beautiful daughters birthday. Happy 20th Birthday Amanda Lee Kleschinsky.

And after that it was a better day even though she is away at College still wanted to give her a shout as they say. Love You both.

Dad MM

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